chat ristrections

so i had a game with{{champion:75}} and i was having some lag which was unplayable so i died alot at the start so my team or {{champion:103}} and{{champion:56}} started flaming me and i said no worries ill try and fix my lag and i lowerd it abit but not much so then i was able to almost solo kill my enemy top laner{{champion:84}} but every time someone comes to help so i ended up 4/12{{champion:75}} and my team reported me and then i found myself chat ristrected the next game altough i didnt flame once i was actually happy even when they flamed me well cause its my birthday so i took all the flame as joke and didnt even flame them once so am not mad about the chat ristriction am just sad the if you get reported like that of something you didnt do is you can check my chat log then please riot try finding something about this chat ristrections and thank you
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