Very Low Winrate dropped, Bad Teammates

Hello, I dont know what is happening every since i climbed to silver 3 i think, for some reason my teammates are absolute garbage most of them but somehow i still countinued climbing just way more slower.I became gold 4 after trying in my promos 3 times. But now it is horrible my winrate is like 30% which has dropped from 70%. Everygame i play someone rage quits and the mentality is very bad. I have to try to hardcarry everygame if we are gonna win if ever. I am soo frustrated. And getting very angry. I just cannot continue. Its even worse than bronze because at least there you could go 1v5 and win if you were fed. And now i think even my own skills have dropped a little because of my frustration and lose rate. Thanks I dont know what to do.
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