can people get ban for splitpushing??

so i was on this game, and i usually do this, where no one of my team help me in top lane and i only split push and i never group for team fights and only farm and pull 2 or 3 enemys to top lane, can i get punnish by riot for dat? i was with 460 farm 9-10-3 and take all towers and inb top and always 2 or 3 enemys come top to try to fight/stop me, but my team they was not happy and only trash talk to me, and i didnt comunicate with them, report me cos in their minds i was trolling and never help. but if my team cant 4 vs 3 or 4 enemys dats not my fault as a top laner i did my job didn't i?? and i hate top laner and hate beeing camp and hate even more when my jungler dont help me one single time in the game, but love split push and see all that cringe of my teammates. people need to put something in their heads its a 5 man game not 4 if u never help the solo player maybe he will never help u guys.
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