So after chatting and playing with negative player..

I am sill little confused after our conversation and this is gonna be long context because we talked and played 3 games and I wanna explain what happened. So I went to play alone some normal games, played support and everyone won their lane. After game someone in enemy team started to trash talk (I didn't understand what, not in English) and our marksman joined him, I have no idea what they talked but what I saw next was "reported" and spamming "ez" by both of them. Then our marksman asked do I wanna play again and I was thinking well if I play with him there is higher change that I will get my role so why not, also I was curious how he will behave in next game. He started to flame and argue with enemy and our mid and top. He was the type of person who writes "0/7 fcking shit bad team" "0/8 so bad". He was focusing more arguing than playing. Well we lost the game but enemy did throw game once but they were able to get it together and win. In the game he also were calling other players kids and like throw more gasoline to flames, he tried to annoy other players so in the end there were only 2 players focusing the game. Our top left later so that didn't help either. He tried to convince enemy that he didn't say anything and typed "haha this team wants to report me 0/7 so bad :)" .... He asked me again to play with him and I said to him that only if he focuses the game, not arguing and if someone has bad game he won't start typing "0/5 fcking bad report" again. Then I asked does he get upset irl when someone has bad game and he starts to flame or what is the reason why he has to flame. He didn't answer, just started the game and said he won't flame anyone. I told him that trying to stay calm in games and also in real life helps more than flaming. Then he said life and games are different and he don't get mad at irl. Then I said to him that yea games and real life is different things, of course but please just try to chill. Well in game he started to tell me what to do and if I were about die then yes I fire everything so I don't die like without fighting back so I got kills and he started to get annoyed. Then I'm not sure what he tried to do when he said I have lots if skins and most of them are ugly. I didn't type anything because we were in game. Yea I have a lot of skins and if I could I would refund 80% of them because when I started this game I liked different things compared to what I like now. However, I used my own money. I pay rent, buy food and medicine. I don't like shopping, I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I use my money to things which I like - games, electronic etc. So anyways I wanted to ask him why he puts negative feeling in the game and flames but he didn't answer. Also after the final game he did say he gets angry irl something. So I don't know, I tried to understand him but I don't. Then he just left. I'm not sure will I play with him again.
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