Game is insanely more toxic than before (Experiment)

If you live under a rock or mute all when you join a game you probably noticed the toxic behavior in this game. I have Been Playing League of Legends Since 2011, Unfortunately this is not my Main Account To Proof it. idk if i have to Bend my Knees and Pray to God that Riot Actually Does something about it. This is really bad to happen to this game, I mean I have been playing too much of this game that the Concept of being a bad player doesn't Affect the players themselves. People get toxic so what? Someone is ACTUALLY Feeding who cares? Reporting them wouldn't even do something On my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE i never reported someone and that person got banned Except once. What is the Problem you ask? I have been reporting Players that are Breaking the "Law" As long as i Remember and how many got banned once... We need a better Report System. Riot We don't Need Skins, Champions, Events if the Player Base is Toxic that is a problem and Trust me i am the Type of guy that plays in a gaming cafe a lot, the people in there are so toxic. That made me think "Were they Toxic when they Started" I went to my Friends to see Them Play (Through Being there Personally or Through Discord) 6 out of 10 Were toxic. (2 of My Friends Started Some kind of a Problem) I Saw 10 Games Being Played 7 / 10 Had some one tilting and flaming 2 / 10 Had some one AFK 1 / 10 Had 2 People AFK That is a Mini Experiment that i have done... Playing to Much League made me a little bit Toxic too, although hating the people that are toxic i got to a point where i never think any of Riot Cares about the Players Experiences to Toxicity.
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