Okay so i just played thresh support. I had lag, which the ADC accepted, the Mid lane accepted and top lane accepted. The jungle however who was graves refused to communicate, he didnt speak, didnt gank nothing. We lost lane, as did top due to babysit. I used /all and wrote: Lucian is fed because you ganked and i have lag I cant hit any hooks to do anything, so gg wp Also we havent had ganks so why the need to babysit? Graves responded with after about 10 minutes: Graves is bad early game, i cant gank before 6. He was 1/7 at this point, he was lvl 9. He never ganked once then call me toxic. Where was i ever toxic?? This is an absoulte joke, First after being called a terrorist i get a chat restrict for responding a salty way - which i agree i deserve chat restrict for but im 100% sure the other player got away with it The other part of chat restrict ban is that hextech loot is taken away from you, im 100% sure riot will count me saying we got no ganks as flaming so ill end up with another. Thoughts anyone?? Riot wanna comment??
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