I am back to ranked! [Aaaaaaaand it's gone]

Haven't played ranked for 7 months, last ranked I played was in December, if I remember correctly. And I decide that today I continue my climb (I was put in Bronze5 at the start, Bronze1 currently, and probably for the rest of my life, story below). 7 months of not playing ranked, I never tilted, somebody would swear, be toxic, feed, whatever, I would be like 'Its okay, calm down, dont worry, dont flame' [bla bla bla], or just mute if it was over the line. ---- ---- ---- - And happily I Queue up for ranked, and as I accept the match, I enter the champion select. - First thing I saw was a chat spam from a guy who was put onto **SUPPORT** spamming *'I no support, I pick any champ, I dont care I no supp'* [Oh so wonderful I thought for myself]. - Some kind guy who was assigned **JUNGLE** said *'I will support'* and the guy spamming accepted it. - I was happy that it all ended fast, but, I was not aware that right that moemnt, the guy who kept spamming he is not willing to play support, will say, *'Can anyone go jungle please?'* - I got a little tilted here, but I kept calm, and as an ex Jungle main I said *'Fine, you go top, I will go jungle...'* - I expected I'd get at least *'thanks'* but I got **'K Whatever'** and just lost it, clicked X and decided that I will stay Bronze forever with the benefit of not tilting at anything, not for the reason I am bad at the game (No, I am not an expert and I am not calling myself plat while I am in Bronze, but I climbed from b5 to b1 in few weeks, and I am able to play any position that I get, while having at least 2 champions for each position or role, and in the end, I am not playing bad, I know how to win, and I know how not to tilt and am not toxic, so I am saying, I am sure I could reach something more if I decided to play), but clearly for the reason I hate how people in this elo act, and the way they play (I think most people in this elo think this game is - KDA > Farm > Dragons > Turrets, I might be wrong, it just seems to me like it is that way, and they mostly refuse to contribute to the team, instead they play for themselves) --- --- --- Why are people in this elo acting like that? Why don't people in this elo adapt to more than just one/two role(s)? Why do people in this elo flame so much? Why do I know the concept of the game, the fact that team contribution is one of the most important things, and that good KDA doesn't mean you are a 'Carry', and that you have to focus on objectives, rather than plain kills? I am not calling myself good, nor some God of lol, I am just saying, I get the concept of the game, and I play for the benefit of the team, rather than myself.
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