How do people do it?

Hey guys, I'm currently on my first account ever but because of multiple reasons I would like to make another account but how do people get past the point were people are insanely toxic? Its actually unbelievable howmany people flame, force people out of their asigned role, and much much more.. And my new account is only level 10... I legit dont want to play anymore on it because of how insane people behave on there. Alot of those people even admit they made the account because they got banned on the previous one. Problem is, with my current account I started playing league without knowing even what LoL was (yes, I lived under a rock, you should see my wallpaper sometime!:p) so I feel like starting from a fresh account and properly learning the game might be useful. (I went streight to mages without learning how to properly play adc and learn to rightclick correctly) On top of that my account has been restricted a couple of times so I dont get the nice flair thingy anymore, so I feel like there are lots of reasons to try and make a new account... But that wall of hate is actually not worth.. How do people make new accounts? Is there a way to not be matched up with people this toxic? Like I said some people even randomly admit to do this kind of thing when their first account got banned for the same reason..... Around what level does this toxisity stop? Does it ever stop? Cause while I feel mismatched at times on my current account people atleast arrent this toxic.
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