My brother attempted suicide following a suspension in League of Legends.

I started playing league with my brother all the way back in season 3, around the time Aatrox was released. Neither of us had any previous experience with MOBAs before, so naturally both of us sucked. It so happened however that my brother chose to go abroad for his studies....and then the problems started. He barely survived a car accident three months after his departure,losing his legs in the process. After this the PC became his life. He has always been an introvert and even in league he would refuse to play as a group with me and my friends, because of that. He has always been really shy, and I blame myself for that because I was never around him to give him confidence. Anyways we lived separated for several months before our family received a call,stating that he is in a hospital following a suicide attempt. I flew there the next day.... I have never felt more miserable in my life, not after hearing how he cried about how life was unfair to him, and how even in "fucking retarded video games life fucks me over". I understood that he was bullied, had his laptop stolen and the thieves who were part from his dormitory had all of his accounts in every game he played (WoW, LoL, HS) suspended...just for fun, something which apperently was the final nail in the coffin for him. I understood that he felt alone, yet didn't call me because he didn't believe in me.....I felt so weak....and pathetic. I tried to calm him down but he just yelled at me to leave. I figured that I can at least help him with the laptop issue and the banned accounts, but all I could do was receive a big "no" from Riot Support, and Blizzard is yet to answer me, even tho I even made one of the fuckers who stole the laptop to write to them and admit what they did. This is all a copy from the thread I posted on reddit several days ago ( Insofar Riot has stated that "no signs of security breach were found", which I find insane. I am at my wits end and I fear that the promise I made to him may result in him trying to hurt himself again. The champions that were used in that timezone were different, his runepages were also changed(I took a look at his and finally the entire report card was consisted of things my brother would never say.(especially writing in caps). Has anyone ever had a similar experience and did they receive help from Riot? I have met with the people that did this and kindly asked them to write to Riot, but apperently Riot responded with "we will give info only to the original owner of the account". My question is IF there is clear evidence that the account was used by someone else, how can Riot not see it and lift the suspension?
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