One for all is so toxic lol

First game: Heimerdinger one for all. Pretty good except we were against 4 premade Miss Fortunes who flamed us every time we died. Not to mention everyone said EZ or IZI at the end of the game. Second game: Lee Sin one for all, against 5 Illaois. Terrible game, we got absolutely destroyed. Thank god my team wasn't toxic. But enemy team was once again writing ez all the time we got killed. Plus we all got flamed once again by the enemy team lol. Third game: Caitlyn one for all. Solid game, would have gone either way tbh. A guy on my team didn't like I voted for Caitlyn, so he decides to flame me all game long and call me "shit retarded cancer autistic shit skank". Best part is he was flaming me with my native tongue, Finnish. Oh yeah and the guy refused to go bot with me so we had two guys mid. Fourth game: Another Lee Sin one for all. Got placed with a 4 man premade who all picked Lee Sin. Fair enough, considering Lee is one of my favorite champions. I disconnected in the middle of the game since my Internet connection played tricks on me. After I reconnected, one guy already went afk apparently because I dcd, so they all decided to troll and int. Plus they all had an ALL CHAT civil war going on. Insults from both directions. I don't mean to write this is as a QQ thread about toxic players, I just think it's funny how one for all has been so toxic for me. _ (I deleted this thread from off-topic, since this is better suited to player behaviour)_
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