Reporting System needs improvement

Hello all. I'm creating a Discussion because: I've had several penalties of having bad behaviour, which is slightly true. Now my account is suspended, in my opinion really unfair so that made me writing this. At first, when you're having a bad game (happens) you'll get trashtalked since minute one till the end. These things happen, but here comes the thing which pisses me off a bit. Teammates who are trashtalking in a extreme way are getting reported after, very simple. But after the game, you are getting reported for being 'Toxic' and 'Griefing' (when you've said maybe one thing which is slightly bad) by like 3-4 teammates. If you're clever you are going to report players who are trashtalking teammates right? After all you see: Account Suspended. For what? Resume: Saying maybe one thing what is negative, and the other trashtalking players are reported but they received no penalty for being a bad behavioured player! **The report system is in my opinion broken** because when you just constantly report one player of toxicity by like 3-4 players, the person will have a penalty for sure. Eventhough the report is irrelevant because the player wasn't that bad compared to the other players who are having an extremely bad behaviour. This happend to me, and it annoyed me really hard that I get banned or penalties when I'm getting trashtalked or griefed etc. And, I didn't get my ranked rewards because of a chatban which made me lose my honor, the worst thing I said was 'f*ck Off'. I admit, this is slightly bad but it is used in the daily life aswell and it harasses no-one I think. Conclusion: Players are reporting 'innocent' players, these reports are irrelevant and the 'innocent' players get punished. This is unfair to the less bad people because they get punished instead of the hardcore bad people who are reporting for almost no valid reason. Let me know what you think about this ^^^ **EXTRA IMPORTANT MESSAGE: TO UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE DISCUSSION IT'S NECESSARY TO READ ALL OF THE DETAILS WHICH ARE GIVEN IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.** Greets! {{item:3070}}
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