I don't think I deserve to pay for other players' choices

I think most of you been there, Playing your best and doing great in the game, yet 3 other roles are failing and it become hard to carry, even when I made my kda good as possible I still have to lose harsh LP points because jg / top and mid didn't stop feeding their lanes and flaming each other, I tried my best to calm them all down cuz if they lose that mean I will lose too technically but no amount of encouraging words can fix their mind-set at all I don't think I deserve to be demoted because of them, I did my part perfectly, I won my lane and made sure their adc and supp are useless, but even I , as a squishy adc, can't destroy a fed Nasus, rek'sai, Zoe and Zed I am really upset and I don't know where else to seek for calming messages and comments and reasons why do I get demoted when the enemy adc or supp get promoted or gain LP cuz they got carried hard by my team and their other roles. please if you have a way to deal with such tilting situation I'll be so much thankful for you if you commented about it.
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