I shouldn't be punished when I go afk in a 100% guaranteed ARAM loss and team doesnt wanna surrender

This has been bothering me for a long time. I was just in a game against Sona, Malzahar, Janna, Sion and Karthus and we had Volibear, Fiora, Anivia, Dr. Mundo and Syndra. I was the Fiora and if the enemy team has at least some brain function, we lose 100%. And they did have a brain, we got poked down like fish in a barrel and I wanted to surrender multiple times but Volibear and Mundo refused to surrender, saying "we can win". Clearly this cupcake doesn't know much about the game and when you have a chance to win or not. If I go afk in this situation, due to the team refusing to surrender even though the loss is unavoidable and it would literally be a waste of my time to prolong the torture, I shouldn't be punished for it, simple. There are too many instances like this where you are basically a hostage.
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