Elo hell does exist.

I am 100% certain that this game is a game of coin flip, and does not reflect a players skill level with the ranking system. 1 Player can not win a game by himself but 1 player can loose the game all by himself, and that's the reason why elo hell exists. Its around plat 4 where other players aren't brain dead to the point of u soloing the game, and can abuse the fact that someone likes to int. This is my past 4 days of games, exactly in order one before the other, i took screen shots of every post game loby, and had notes to see what went wrong: Last game: https://imgur.com/rd68knC This game we got a silver 4 {{champion:10}} top with 0 games played on kayle pre-made with our {{champion:103}} , who gave first blood to {{champion:23}} and then kept running it down top ever since then, giving a kill every 30 seconds as the game progressed. His buddy {{champion:103}} seeing that, told us that she gives up and then just kinda randomly split pushed here and there until we lost. Game before that: https://imgur.com/4oOofPV https://imgur.com/KjiD1YZ This game, i guess we were bound to lose, i kept ganking our bot and mid lane, and despite that bot kept loosing 2v2 even being 2 lvl's ahead. {{champion:134}} Randomly left after 15 minutes, we lost 4v5, with a questionable bot lane. Rengar died 7 times early game, he was irelevant. Nothing i could do. Game before that: https://imgur.com/AHXsKkD https://imgur.com/SdWpA7J {{champion:77}} Was watching way too much TRICK2G. He got first blood, then literally kept running it down top and dying to {{champion:17}} . He was 1/10 by 12 minutes, it got so bad that even {{champion:17}} told him to take it easy and stop running into him. Bot was tragic, they managed to both die before i finished my first clear to even get to their lane, and then they just kept running it down and dying before i get there. Teemo carried doe. GG? Game before that was a Victory ! yay {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Game before that: https://imgur.com/rpp3ZRg https://imgur.com/K9PQSl3 This game {{champion:126}} gave first blood to {{champion:38}} LvL 1 SOMEHOW, then {{summoner:12}} back and died again ! He literally ran it down top, after that, by the time i got 6, he was 0/5 , i tried to equal it out by pressuring bot/mid since i cant gank him due to his passive and i even one-shot him 3-4 times . But ultimately a fed {{champion:38}} carries harder than a fed {{champion:28}} :( Game before that was a win !!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Game before that: https://imgur.com/VbX48SM Not much to say about this one. {{champion:115}} Took {{champion:115}} into {{champion:238}} willingly and said "don't worry , its gonna be EZ". And {{champion:412}} kept dying to the enemy bot lane, which tilted {{champion:498}} to the point where she just kept splitting and dying solo the entire game, all whilst explaining how she does not want to win. But the true reason we lost is cause {{champion:254}} got 5/0 before i did my second clear. After that she just kept snowballing much harder than me, and {{champion:82}} + {{champion:115}} just refused to ward, or play safe. Ces't la vie . Game before that: https://imgur.com/yQ1UgdE https://imgur.com/5Y5K0We This game was a tilter ! :D Basically i was a god. Stomped early/mid/ and early late. However we had this {{champion:67}} who REALLY wanted to be gosu, but she kept blaming me for not allowing her to feed. So she kept splitting the entire game while we tried to finish on our own, and at 40 min when she finally got full build she decided she cant allow us to win this game , so she literally inted to lose, and teach us a lesson. :D {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Game before that: https://imgur.com/2aPM0qq This one is also a face palm. {{champion:39}} managed to feed {{champion:55}} While i managed to get my {{champion:145}} and {{champion:84}} ahead. However, at a certain point {{champion:145}} and {{champion:350}} got into an argument, about how {{champion:350}} is a useless support since she cant protect {{champion:145}} from {{champion:55}} . And then that tilted our {{champion:145}} who threw the game, by buying {{item:3157}} instead of {{item:3026}} to prove that an item is better than {{champion:350}} and then not pressing it when kat went in :D It was a good game, but an unfortunate one indeed. Also i could not make them push towers whenever we aced the enemy team, they just kept running around farming the enemy jungle. :D Game before that: https://imgur.com/C3TzkxA Now this one is a real treat ! :D Almost my favorite one! So, to start it off. {{champion:245}} gave first blood to {{champion:55}} lvl 1.and then just kept LITERALLY running it down. While i was doing top side jungle, the support {{champion:20}} was clearing out my entire bot side jungle , which was WARDED, while my bot lane was peacefully informing me about every camp he took under their vision, without really budging to collapse on him , because {{champion:21}} "needed to farm". While that was going on, {{champion:121}} used the commotion to invade me at lvl3 , and run me out of my own top side jungle since he has mid priority, since ekko died :D. Because {{champion:21}} & {{champion:16}} did not mind nunu's invades, and since they didn't really pressure the enemy {{champion:222}} in any way 2v1, {{champion:20}} decided to leave jinx 2v1 and go top to 2v1 our {{champion:164}} . So then {{champion:21}} and {{champion:16}} , lost to {{champion:222}} 2v1. SOMEHOW, DON'T ASK ME HOW. {{champion:164}} lost to {{champion:75}} and {{champion:20}} and a roaming {{champion:55}} 3v1. All while {{champion:121}} was collecting my entire jungle since he had priority in all 3 lanes. I couldn't finish my jungler's item till lvl 7, since i had no camps to farm. Game before that: https://imgur.com/HeOfKnJ {{champion:84}} just gave up this game, she died 7 times to {{champion:114}} in the first 12 minutes of the game, after which she just 1v9's us easily. There are like 4 more games very similar before this but i haven't taken notes on them. Anyway, i think that this is proof that this game is not really about how skilled you are, its just flipping a coin , and getting either {{champion:84}} or {{champion:114}} in a particular game.
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