Starting to lose it due to toxic players

Riot needs to do something about this and soon, I've had it up to, well, the highest building in the world would not be enough after this last game. Toxic players that flame, ok, I can deal with that, but BAD toxic players that flame and blame, no, I don't want them in my games any more, I've dropped 3 divisions, like a rock, due to people complaining when it's not even my fault. Here are a few examples from last game, we started top: (jungling as Xin vs Yi) 1. They try and invade our blue, we manage to push them off, after that I see Teemo (top) being a good guy and go to ward blue, surprise, Yi is already there, with their toplaner. I just finished my blue and rushed over to red to help Teemo, with Zed (mid), they get 2 kills, Teemo and me. All my fault according to my team. 2. Later on I'm on blue when it respawns, Teemo is getting ganked in top, my fault again according to my team. 3. Ok, I've had it with this team blaming me for not engaging, I come down bot for a gank and go to tri-bush, control ward it and see their support coming to ward and I know he will try and knock out the control ward. I wait to ambush, as it is such an obvious play, I assume my botlane will follow on this in some way. Nope, they continue to farm, as it is easier when the enemy botlane is gone... they come up to tri after I'm dead, I'm to be flamed again. 4a. Later I see another good gank opportunity, I rush down just to see Yi running that way also, I ping for warning and follow him in and engage. When I see that it's only Leona (our supp) left and they are 3 enemies, Leona is 50% and I don't have much left to give in a 2v3, so I back up to the tower. I get blamed for not staying to get killed. 4b. Ok, they are now 2 close to our tower and I'm still there, I go in and knock one of them up and fight close to tower, because you know, they blamed me for being passive. Guess what, yes, nothing can please my team...... I can't play when my team sucks like this, nobody can. Why on earth should I be teamed up with these people? Ok, I'm no diamond player, I just started ranked at the end of last season, but I was up for promo to Silver 3, and dropped like a rock from there. How the hell can these players even be Silver??? The toxicity alone should prevent them from reaching a rank that can join Silver players. They are dragging us down, and I know a lot of people who feel the same. In this game mentioned above, I did not flame, I did not curse, while the others did everything imaginable to me, yet I was called toxic by the others...... This shit here is exactly what is wrong with the game right now. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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