Can someone explain to me how is report system working?

Hello guys i am genuinely interested if anyone has proof of this report system functioning. I think Matchmaking is **just preventing players to matchmake with those you reported**, but it gives us other toxic people instead, and those i reported go to the next matches of other people. Lets keep this simple. ______________________________________ Aprox Every 3/5 Games i am having someone is afk Every 2/5 Games i am having someone is either inting out of rage/griefing or just that bad Only game mode that is proven to be least toxic is ARAM, everything else is in shambles. Some days all of my games that entire day are completely disbalanced by people that should had been banned from previous matches. Why are those people not banned, they are surely getting reported? So why is the system not working? Why is RIOT so mild towards those who break the rules? ______________________________________ Censored one image as example and linked. Bottom lane was constantly rushing into enemy team and dying repeadately.Jungler gave up. I was winning top preventing nasus from farming but had to gank and write to those people what to do, they did not listen in the slightest. In fact they seemed as bots of some kind just leveling, maybe to sell accounts or something. So yeah, if the Tribunal and Report system works, why is this game having MORE and MORE toxicity than getting it reduced o.o Makes you wonder really hard. _____________________________________ _But i am pretty sure no one relevant will read this, and even if they do they will just ignore it._ _Banning a toxic chunk of the community would make queues go to 5-10min, and they will never do that._ Sorry for writing a wall of text and letting off some steam in small hope one day far away this game will have less toxicity..
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