Testesteron overdose players on Normal game(Their report effects our honors)

I like to play Taliyah, Viktor like champs as support. I pick runes for that, get items for it etc. Yeah they are not so supporty, but they poke good and I enjoy. I play proper support in ranked mode. I just play with them in Normal game. And even if I pick proper support champ if adc is bad game is mostly lost, but with champ like Viktor I can compasate. The problem here is in some games there are players with overtestesteron like "report this report that." I am mostly replaying like " Dude, we are in normal game, if you want proper game with people's main go play ranked. We are practicing here". But the problem here is that testesteron overdose person gonna report us, and we are gonna get our honor processes get slowed. Yeah it is nothing mostly but still it is something. I can play whatever I want in normal mode? As long as I try my best? I think if player report like 1000 players, their report should be less effective than someone who report 10 players.
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