Why isn't there an option to mute pings?

So riot implemented the option to mute chat however long ago they added this idea. It worked when people were way too annoying to have them spew a lot of BS in the chat. But then the ping system was implemented. Specifically the '?' ping. Now fair and square the ping system is very useful, it allows us to do on the move communication, however nowadays it feels like the only ping that I ever hear is the '?' ping. Why can we not mute the pings? I know that the counter argument will be that this will close off communication in between players however if I mute you and your pings, you are muted for a reason not because I don't like your calls. Muting the chat is awesome but when there is a secondary option of pinging someone with the '?' ping, it feels like the option to mute the chat is very miniscule. Just an opinion
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