Does this deserve a ban?

So I got a 14 day suspension today. Now hear me out, I have never received a 1-day ban beforehand and haven't received any warning messages/chat restrictions for about 2 years. Also, this was literally only one game where I didn't even flame except for 3 sentences in the end... I personally don't think this deserves a ban, but you can be the judge (reminder: this is my first ban EVER in this game) Game 1 Xêm: 700k yasuo main Xêm: jesus christ Xêm: im not that good at zed ._. Xêm: ARE YOU SERIOUS Xêm: THAT MINION BLOCK Xêm: i got %%%%ing blocked into 2 tower shots Xêm: 3 mid.. Xêm: lol Xêm: ff at 15? Xêm: every lane is losing? Xêm: this is impossible to win Xêm: they scale better Xêm: and they Xêm: are already ahead Xêm: umm because I play against a tryhard yasuo main that plays yasuo 16 times a day as a casual mid player? Xêm: i dont suck that much lol Xêm: hes just better Xêm: ??????????????????????????????????? Xêm: i literally said once Xêm: that he had 700k Xêm: didn't say anything for the rest Xêm: that's literally the whole point of surrender Xêm: I can't Xêm: if I get flashed hooked Xêm: under tower Xêm: by YOUR laner Xêm: that roams Xêm: becauise you lost lane Xêm: kha flashed Xêm: blitz hooked Xêm: same thing Xêm: constantly 3 man in my lane Xêm: how am I supposed to do anything Xêm: because you and top lost as well Xêm: I push:??????????????? Xêm: i am literally constantly under my tower Xêm: blitz I don't know how you can even tie your shoes Xêm: with that mental ability Xêm: of a rock Xêm: "Oh people put a feature in a game that can surrender the game if lost?, WHY WOULD YOU USE THAT?"
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