@Riot is doing a TERRIBLE job at informing players about the behavior/report system...

... and yet they expect us to JUST know some things, as if we were born in this world knowing that 1. one report is enough to trigger the system. Multiple reports against a player in the same game have no cumulative effect and he does NOT have more chances of being punished compared to as if he had received only one report. 2. asking from other players in the game to report a player is punishable ("please report X for flaming/trolling/intentionally feeding). 3. calling someone / addressing to someone as flamer/troller, despite him indeed trolling (0/20/0 at 14') or flaming, is punishable. 1) _This basically renders the so seen phrase of "x9" utterly non existent._ 2) _Someone just wished you cancer in game and u said "guys please report X for toxic/flaming. he wished me to die from cancer..." ? Gongrats. If some1 reports you in that game for whatever reason, it is going to be a viable report that stacks up to your account. Someone picked teemo with teleport and ghost, and as soon as he spawns he runs to enemies under turret and gives them kills, being 0/20/0 in 15 minutes of the game ? Its the same. If for example u say in all chat "please report this troller...." or "x9 teemo pelase", then your behaviour is punishable._ 3) _You are having a flamer in your team who keeps flaming everyone 24/7. If u say to your team "guys just mute this flamer and focus on game", that is considered punishable. If u are having a blatant troller in your game, and you type in chat "X can u please stop trolling ? we can win this game easy. there is no reason for you to do this. cmon :)", that is also considered punishable because u called someone "troller"._ I just mentioned these 3 examples because i think they are the most seen in our games. I was recently watching a challenger player who plays this game since season 1. In his game he had a troller and he said in all chat "can we please x9 this caitlyn ?" He report calls frequently because he believes the more reports some1 receives the more chances he has of getting punished and also the more severe his punishment will be. I went on facebook and i told him these things. Then he replied to me "Nothing of these is true. If 5 ppl report some1 he can even get banned.". Then i tried to find some sources of rioters confirming what i am saying, but there is not even one! His total ignorance urged me to make this thread. His behavior and beliefs are representatives of the most common player in League of Legends. Lets be honest, those who visit the forums are such a minority of the player-base that we can just as well say noone reads forums. Most players TRULLY believe that x9 is a thing, while the truth is that it backfires and can get yourself punished, instead of the one u point your finger at. Why is this happening ? I will tell you why. Riot is doing ZERO at informing its playerbase about this behaviour system. Let me ask this now. How you think people got to know the above things ? That reportcalling is punishable and that one report has the same value as 9 ? In order for some1 to learn these rules, he has to go on the internet and search for them on his own! But how can u search for something that you are not even aware of ? You cant. These things became known in the forums/reddit readers only because they got punished earlier and they decided to learn why they got punished for. So either they searched for lyte's comments on that, either they made support tickets and they discussed things with rioters in private. Also, isnt it curious how there is ZERO sources/evidences of the above ? So far only lyte's comments on reddit and his ask/mf were the only sources we had that these things are confirmed. Now that he quit riot and his messages got deleted/his ask.fm got deleted, we have no evidence. Some1 asked me to give him evidence that one report is enough and more reports have no more impact. What i am supposed to do ? There is literally not ONE rioter who admits it in a public forums comments or something. The only way to learn it is to send a ticket at riot support and they will confirm it to you. But most of players will not get into something like that, its so time consuming. It takes days to communicate with a rioter, and because it is like email and not via instant chat, it could take even weeks to answer all your questions in riot.support. And again, it would not be something public, that you can show to others too. Screenshots are simply not trustworthy. **To close this wall of text, Riot should make a Pinned in-client pop-out window in the home screen, in which they explain basic stuff like these. Riot needs to explain the rules of this game. It makes no sense to punish a player's behavior, if you havnt warned him beforehand about what is punishable and what is not, or if you havent informed him about how the report system works! ** "Sigh"...

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