I don`t understand some strange facts

Let me explain some situation : You are working hard, meeting every possible kind of human beings, going back home, try to have fun,to forget about a damn life problems, get on the internet, you wanna play video games, you went into League of Legends, launch, put on your user name and password, you love real competition, you are going some aram or normal for warming up, then you start on ranked. You are fighting hard, you really improved your skills during the past few years, you got into the promo for gold 3 where you got your mid laner afk for 15 mins. Enemy team took advantage, you are just a poor no dmg support Alistar, they got free farm roaming mid laner, and yes they`re talking about how easy this match is and how better they are. Then, after 15 minutes, your mid laner coming back and don`t even apologize for being afk for 15 minutes. He doesn`t even care. Of course you`re not going to be friendly to that kind of person. And he dares to call you a troll and a feeder cause you were getting tower dived since min 5 by 4 enemy champions who were constantly giving hard pressure on your lane. And the same mid laner calls you a retard while enemy team talking how they owned us so hard. AND THEN U BREAK UP. YES. YOU SENT ALL THOSE FUCKERS TO HELL AND TOLD THEM THEY ARE JUST PATHETIC AND TO STFU. DAMN IMBECILES. And you get banned for 2 weeks. Is this a justice ? Tell me ? You can`t ban someone only by watching his chat history. YOU MUST consider the whole motherfucking situation. Don`t tell me ``mute them all``. Come on. When you`re pissed off so hard by that kind of imbeciles, yes, I will call them imbeciles, you really can`t think very well. Why don`t you look entire chat history from the match and then talk about behavior ? I don`t say i was friendly that match, yes, I was a damn toxic at the end, but they made me being toxic. Tell those Jews from Auschwitz not to being toxic to Nazzies. Yeah, come on, they should just ignore the fuckers, right ? That`s all. I`m not mad. Actually I am. I am mad. Because this is not justice. You can`t ban someone just by watching chat history. If you wanna ban, go watch entire matches where that person is found ``toxic``. Watch the damn situation on full view. One is being toxic on your initiation and totally another thing being toxic because you`re defending yourself. YOU CAN`T BE A TEACHER TO A DAMN CATTLES YOU HAVE TO BE A SHEPHERD. But ok. I realized why Riot made dynamic queue. You MUST play with at least 2-3 players you know to avoid those situation. Or to mute all. I guess that has to be done. I never ever tried to being toxic or disrespect anyone. But if someone is like that to me, of course I will return the fire. Withdrawals ? Is it the way real man should act ? To withdraw from attacks ? To be a damn coward ? Is that the way you`re teaching those generations ? If that is the case, then I`m really really disappointed. That will be all. GG WP. So from now on, MUTE ALL button, some hiphop mix on youtube, and just pinging. And remove the report option ``refusing to communicate with team`` cause that`s just contradictory from tribunal system.
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