Thank you Riot for 14-day suspension.

Hey! I wanted to say thank you for "bad luck" by that bad team8 and losing streaks + this ban. This made me realize what was I doing with my life and I decided something In this 2 week ban I will: -**GO PLAY FORTNITE** (its a better game duh..) -Try out Dota 2 -Prevent other people from playing LoL -Hope I will never return to this game (even if i play since season 4) Now others will say "we are glad you are not coming back" but hear me **I do not care** I do not know you and tbh just see how LoL is slowly dying. And P.S Fortnite is better Urgot is too weak Caitlyn is broken Kayn has some bugs Renekton is too OP on toplane Illaoi needs serious nerf Over the half of EUNE server doesn't speak English To the end I will say: Uninstall League of Legends, go out somewhere, find yourself a girlfriend. Be happy and believe me no trash game is worth your nerves.
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