Being bad at League.

Sorry if this sounds more like complaining than a discussion, but I honestly think that I really suck at league. I've come to the realization that if my enemy isn't some sort of brain-dead player who doesn't really care what happens in the game, I'll most probably lose my lane. (Mid or Top) Worst part is that I've been playing League on/off **since Season 1**, and I still can't make normal plays, or when I do it's by sheer luck or someone in the team laid it out for me. I main support because I figured when I inevitably do something wrong it won't impact the game as much as it would if I mess up midlane. The next problem is that I was genuinely getting bored of League. To fix that problem, I decided to play only newer, complicated champs and it worked for a while--I got good with Bard. (Which is the only champ I have confidence in playing with). Then people started telling me that playing only a single lane is bad, so I decided to pick up Mid and Marksman roles. I'm alright with Jhin, but only because he's the only Marksman I find fun. For mid I played Lux for a while, because she's easy, and it wasn't that bad. Then... I decided to pick up Aurelion Sol, and you can guess how hard the realization of how much I suck at league hit me, and now I'm this close to quitting. (And toxic players really, **really** don't help in these situations.) All in all, I just don't know how to find the determination to get hyped and get good.
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