Trolers never stop..

This never ends.Trolers flamers all the time. I mean for god sake last game vayne go in 1v3.. and he dies easy.Then he starts rage at me cuz i didnt help wth..I wont die with you cuz you go 1v3 like a big pro..Then he rage and starts say i wont tf cuz gp leaved me... Seriously...Then all game was free win for us he only farm and push gg never fights never talk just mute as all... just because he fail.. and blame me...So we won thx god hard carry.But he piece me off people like him and is not first time riot plz..Do something with this trolls..They should punish them.They should watch that game and punish her not wait another 1000 games that he can troll more..She was her mistake and still ragequit and blame others...4v5 game OP even if i carry still im tired of it.And happens all time not once eh..
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