Permanent bans for toxic behavior?!? read if you disagree

So, I know that currently people get permanently banned for being toxic too much. I got permanently banned for more than a year now and I understand what it feels like to play the game for 7 years and then to get your only account banned forever. There is no worse feeling in gaming. So I just wanted to share my feelings and suggest that this Permanent Ban gets replaced by a Permanent Mute or something like that? I really feel that we deserve to have our rights to type Removed, if we have been way too toxic. I do believe that people who got banned like me still want to play the game and I think a Permanent mute is the better option. This way nobody is going to get abused by other toxic players and everyone will be happy :p. You can still give signals and communicate with pings but you just can't be toxic. Please, Riot, do the right thing and make it fair :( :( We all love the game and want to play it once again.
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