14 days banned for telling the enemy team to report my top for telling me too kill my self

I got banned for 14 days and got a suspension from free rewards just for : RaduMoldovan: .... RaduMoldovan: you afk RaduMoldovan: cause i died 2 times? RaduMoldovan: sure RaduMoldovan: .... RaduMoldovan: ok RaduMoldovan: you will get banned RaduMoldovan: for %%% RaduMoldovan: report galio %%% RaduMoldovan: we are not dumbass RaduMoldovan: gg I don't think is normal for me to get banned for just telling other people to report my top lane that told me to Kill My Self? Can someone help me with this? I was hard climbing for gold this season and I don't think is fair for this to happen to me Thank you from this moment if someone can help me
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