So apparently I got a perma ban for saying a few f*@#$ on a single game.

So yeah. Playing a game where I had a duo premade bot trolling me by coming to my lane and feeding it. Eventually they reported me, even though they were flaming, provoking and feeding and now I got a permaban. Great system you have there riot. People like them get a free pass, and someone can get PERMABANNED for saying a few bad words in a game. Regardless of his performance. This is a diamond account. A freaking diamond 5 year account that you are banning. Just like that, with an automated system nontheless. I spent more than 200 euros in this account. It's an account I had for 5 years with multiple rewards and limited skins. Isn't it extremely harsh to be PERMABANNED for flaming a intentional feeding troll that's provoking you? Seriously, on the e-mail it was just a single game that got me the permaban.
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