Daily reminder that intentionally feeding and trolling in order to lose ranked games is a problem.

People running into turrets, jumping and flashing alone into enemy team or even leeching stuff left and right while they talk how much they "teach a lesson", this is daily reality of soloQ. Riot it is time to actually do something about this. It is nice that you ban people who call other garbage, but truth is one can at least mute such people, but there is nothing we can do about guy running it down or trolling our team. Only thing that we can do is to report these people, and it is up to Riot to actually do something about it. It would be nice if you actually finally did something, anything. _Disclaimer: I could not care less what people do in their normal games, but ranked queues should be about trying your best to win, not trying your best to troll your team or lose in the fastest possible way._
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