Why does RIOT ban people for verbal abuse and negative attittude , but never bans anyone for feeding

For the last few days i have been playing , every time i enter my gold promo someone feeds and nothing happens to them after game , no ban , nor restrictions , nothing. But if you tell someone the N word or F word you immediately recieve a ban if you are reported. This is just ridiculous , someone fails the game just cause he doesn't know what he is doing and recieves no penalty. This is so moronic if you will excuse my foul language , but why should a friend of mine be banned if he says the N word , even if he is black and RIOT will never ban someone who is 0/10. I am very dissapointed with this and if continues to happen i will delete this game once again. Every time i return i think that something has changed but no , it's always the same. Every 2nd or 3rd game will be a feeding yasuo or some troll pick like pantheon support. There should be something that restricts you from picking champs which are not assigned to this role. Every single time in my promos there is someone who either trolls , has 0 communicaiton or refuses to help. So please if anyone from RIOT sees this it will be great if you do something so more feeders can be banned and not just people who use words against them when they intentionally lose the game.
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