Remove punishments pls...

Punishment do NOT work...You can see toxic behaviour every single game...90% of that toxicity will not be looked at all by the punish system...People will get warned/banned almost random by writing some homophobic/racist on a "%%%% your dead mother" conversation. Sad thing, the homo/racist will be punished but the other will not. Last game 2 members kind of int. feeding, you could say they had a bad game, running into 1v5 again and again saying "I have to end quick". All normal here...or not...but later...with our team winning by far, pushing inner turret they both go afk fountain moving around the fountain every now and then more than 5-10 minutes. We keep fighting til we can not. Well these int. feeders, and afk, saying they will go afk will NOT BE PUNISH AT ALL. we need this "random" punishing system at all? If there is anything worse than no law is a bad and unfair law...

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