last few weeks i have noticed riots algoritam for mm,either you will have 100 games and get to plat-diamond or you will have to play 500+ games to barelly rank up and if you are lucky bcs ohh boy are you in for a treat last 3 weeks 1 win brutal team next game harassing insulting degrading calling people dogs pinging like idiot for 1 mistake,my question to you riot is why are that kind of players still in game,your new sistem only instant bans or punishes players who got more than 1 report and that is a fact when will you adress that problem? will you adress it or just keep ignoring it? go play solo mm gold-plat ranks tell me how you fell after game,wana know how i fell the game that i loved from seasson 2 started to make me so agressive bcs i must read what people write me,if im not mistaken this is a team game,why then i must mute my whole team and play with no comunications i cant even have ping on bcs that new way to harass players,put ai who recognizes that toxic like faceit did,and stop lying to your self that players who get punish 80% never again repeat bla bla bla bla DO SOMETHING!!!!

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