Why does it feel like nobody understands English on EU West?

English language in Europe - Wikipedia
The English language in Europe, as a native language, is mainly spoken in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Outside of these states, it has a special status in the Crown dependencies ( Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey), Gibraltar (one of the British Overseas Territories) and Malta.
I usually play unranked draft and it feels like a lot of people on EU west don't understand English. League is a team game and people do rage a lot so you often need to communicate. If I'm on Evelynn and a team mate is spamming pings for assist pre level 6 I need to tell them I don't have stealth. There could be many more reasons to want to talk to people in a team game. And if someone starts to lose it over a ks or jungler not helping from the other end of the map you might want to explain why. Asking the top laner to ward top when I'm going for the bot jungle buff. Or telling my team we can't do baron at level 7 with the entire enemy team alive. I know I should just mute players who complain about KS or blame everything on the jungler, but wouldn't it be easier if a server in Western Europe had people who understood English? People always want to sacrifice themselves to save their towers, and then keep feeding to do this. And then they will threaten to report the jungler for not helping. I keep running into players that talk in a language with numbers mixed in. Is this Arabic? And they lag a lot. Does EU West get a lot of African and middle eastern players? I keep getting games with people disconnecting or getting pings higher than 300 ms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_language_in_Europe If people from Western Europe play on EU West this map would imply that most players would understand English. League players would be younger and probably have been to school too. Is English not taught in school in the countries from which people play on EU West? And are things better in NA?
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