Toxic community. It´s about time for some big - real change.

Hey guys and fellow summoners. I play the League since some time now and I am continuing to have very unpleasant experiances with other players / the League community. Over all, there are also positive things I´ve experianced. When I´m in a good mood, I spead it often in the chat and make others laugh and have fun together. But! As soon as I don´t play as other people would like it, I get very often insulted as different things like "retart" and things like that. I know it´s often said that I just shouldn´t take these things so serious and stuff, but seriously, these genius tipps people also give in real life, and if there would ever have been someone who was helped by these tipps, he ... it just doesn´t help!!! I mean, at ALL! It just does, not! So, I understand that sometimes people have a bad day. It also happened to me and I was also being salty often, but also I react tiltproof often, let´s say 50 - 50 maybe :) Anyways. It seems like nothing about the toxicity has really changed over the years that the League exists. Not during the time I play. And this obviously means, that all these "supposedly" done "punishments" which propably are the result of the reportsystem, just didn´t change anything. I mean, if I play my best, and people don´t like it and don´t mind at all calling you a %%%%%% immediately, what does this say about this community ? Yes people are not all the same. But it happens in most of the games. Specially those when something doesn´t work out so well. And this just is not okay. The fact that nothing has changed, show´s that the punishments are not hard enough and thats why people don´t care. I even had people in my team who told everybody to report them and that they don´t care they will just play in their other account ... But what of people like that, who deserve it, get pusnished hard. Would they be as likely doing something like that ? Propably not. I put some of my very valuable lifetime in this game to have some fun and a nice time, not to be insulted so that the developers don´t even do enough about it. The game is not the problem, but the community. Also there must be an option of blocking people ingame already so that I don´t have to get in the game lobby as fast as possible to block them fast so they can´t continue to insult me, I hate this about this game. I want to be able to block them already ingame, not to mute them only during the game. I never, EVER want to hear anything from them again. The people I mute deserve it, I don´t mute them for no reason. There should be an option to mute and also to block their chat forever, so that I could still play with them, but never have to read anything from them again. If riot doesn´t want to punish people who deserve it hard, at least give this option. But I want both. That would change the game to the better. It´s really tireing when I just want to play a bit, I get insulted worst than being bullied somewhere just out of nowhere just because I am playing a game my best. This is really not okay, and this issue needs to be addressed and there finaly needs to change something about it. Honorable players who got honor from non premates should be able to see anonymously what people wrote in the chat, before the game, during the game and what they did ingame (replay) and what they wrote in the lobby chat. Players could have anynomous names like bob, paula etc. to protect their "internet privacy"^^ I wrote this story in a ticket before to riot support and they told me they can´t just give other players informations away to other players, here you go, I have a solution. They should get points for taking the time to check on these toxic players etc RP or Blue Essences at least. And they should be controlled wheter they do their job properly or just pusnish people without even watching the replay. I know this sounds like a lot of work. But I would like to see some changes about these toxic people. I don´t want to have to mute everybody before the game just to protect me from getting offended. That this even happens is undiscripable shit, to be honest. So it´s about to finaly change something about it. Cheers
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