Banned for two weeks.

Never had a warning on this account. Never had a ban on this account. Never had a chat restrict on this account. We were with a 4 man premade group ( all IRL friends), having a good laugh and time playing league. We queue up and enter the lobby. Enemy bans Yasuo. 5th non-premade team mate says he will troll because of that. 5th non-premade team mate picks bard and smite. Game begins. 5th non-premade team mate follows our jungler and steals all of his camps. We didn't want to play a game like that so we discussed walking mid and let enemy end the game ASAP. We walk down to mid. Enemy gets kills. Enemy goes 5 man mid ( we asked ) Enemy ends game fast. Game ends. Me and 1 friend are banned for two weeks. The other 2 friends are not. Is this justice? Is this fair?
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