getting banned for telling the truth about how game sucks

Game 1 Pre-Game Napoleon3: mid Napoleon3: mid In-Game Napoleon3: ill stack full armor Napoleon3: wtf is this fmg Napoleon3: with out Napoleon3: q Napoleon3: serious? Napoleon3: all my hp Napoleon3: with out q Napoleon3: ok lets buff him Napoleon3: and let him Napoleon3: kill you Napoleon3: with out q Napoleon3: %%% you riot Napoleon3: batard champios Napoleon3: bastard Napoleon3: lets make champions with no counterplay Napoleon3: nice idea Napoleon3: lets ruin the game Napoleon3: every game Napoleon3: for the %%%ing champions Napoleon3: balance Napoleon3: %%% die riot Napoleon3: it dosnt Napoleon3: Lol Napoleon3: i use it Napoleon3: and why aatrox win all the time the lane? Napoleon3: maybe q dmg is so big? Napoleon3: i actually Napoleon3: escpae Napoleon3: escaped all your qs Napoleon3: still dfying Napoleon3: for no reason Napoleon3: how to counterplay this %%% now? Napoleon3: tell me a way to counter this %%%? Napoleon3: How better shgould i be? Napoleon3: tell me aatrxo Napoleon3: aatrox Napoleon3: i escape all your qs Napoleon3: but now yes i die Napoleon3: before Napoleon3: i escaped all your qs Napoleon3: ofc now you will kill me Napoleon3: before Napoleon3: you actually failed all your qas Napoleon3: qs Napoleon3: tell me how the %%% to counter this siht? Napoleon3: shit? Napoleon3: tell me plz Napoleon3: doid yousee? Napoleon3: i escape all your qs Napoleon3: still dying Napoleon3: but why i should shut up? Napoleon3: the truth isnt? Napoleon3: did i have wrong? Napoleon3: making champions with out counterplayu Napoleon3: ruin every game Napoleon3: shut up xd Napoleon3: yes Napoleon3: you happy Napoleon3: you got the dmg Napoleon3: i got the skills Napoleon3: still losing Napoleon3: 1 q and hit Napoleon3: deals 50% of my hp Napoleon3: cant outplay him Napoleon3: you just cant Napoleon3: every q Napoleon3: is fail Napoleon3: and you still burst me Napoleon3: ? Napoleon3: is that logic? Napoleon3: blind kid Napoleon3: tell me Napoleon3: kid Napoleon3: answer Napoleon3: and you need nothing Napoleon3: to kill me Napoleon3: thats what i call Napoleon3: unfair balance Napoleon3: ez is your dmg Napoleon3: you actually nothing Napoleon3: with out the burst dmg Napoleon3: for only hits Napoleon3: i escape all your qs Napoleon3: im pro Napoleon3: still losing Napoleon3: yes Napoleon3: thats why Napoleon3: i fail your qs? Napoleon3: you are unskilled Napoleon3: you dont need skills to kill some1 Napoleon3: boosted kid Napoleon3: from riot Napoleon3: you should be so much blind Napoleon3: kids Napoleon3: to dont see Napoleon3: the unfair balance Napoleon3: or drunk Napoleon3: See? Napoleon3: STILL BURST ME Napoleon3: WITH FAIL QS Napoleon3: ez is riot Napoleon3: your nothing Napoleon3: die Napoleon3: i suck? Napoleon3: then wjhy you dont kill me now? Napoleon3: at the rene Napoleon3: i failed all your qs Napoleon3: yes like you need skills Napoleon3: you already boosted by triot Napoleon3: then why Napoleon3: all your qs are being fail? Napoleon3: the retared balance you mean Napoleon3: nothinf more Napoleon3: just wiss that riot Napoleon3: company Napoleon3: Fail Napoleon3: in to hell Napoleon3: and die Napoleon3: youre so ffunyy astrox Napoleon3: you dont realized Napoleon3: that you dont Napoleon3: even need your qs Napoleon3: to kill me Napoleon3: isthat skilled? Napoleon3: i dont care Napoleon3: i dont cry Napoleon3: youhappy boosted kid Napoleon3: thats why you say xd Napoleon3: hahaha Napoleon3: im 1 7 Napoleon3: from your burtst dmg Napoleon3: when i failed all your qs Napoleon3: nope Napoleon3: i will not waste my time Napoleon3: for boosted kids Napoleon3: or for unfair balanced game Napoleon3: s Napoleon3: like every game is like taht Napoleon3: that Napoleon3: unskilled champions Napoleon3: ruining the games Napoleon3: for? Napoleon3: escaping all your qs? Napoleon3: tell me reason to report me? Napoleon3: for losing vs a champion who dosnt need qs Napoleon3: to kill me? Napoleon3: only hits Napoleon3: and burst me Napoleon3: why? Napoleon3: you dont like the truth? Napoleon3: you got burst champion Napoleon3: thats why you happy Napoleon3: lb dosnt need any skills Napoleon3: to kill some1 Napoleon3: only q and q automatically and jump w Napoleon3: and burst early game Napoleon3: we got afk Napoleon3: idiot Napoleon3: and he dont laned Napoleon3: Vs aatrox Napoleon3: who qs are being failed Napoleon3: and still bursting you Napoleon3: with only passive hiyt Napoleon3: hit Napoleon3: but ofc Napoleon3: flame the people Napoleon3: who tels the trith Napoleon3: truth> Napoleon3: you know enemy yasuo have diferent enemys? Napoleon3: he iddnt laned vs aatrox idiot Napoleon3: blind kid Napoleon3: so im 0 20? Napoleon3: not 1 10 5 asists Napoleon3: you know what? Napoleon3: this world never befair Napoleon3: so tihs game too Napoleon3: so idont give a %%% Napoleon3: but the only thing Napoleon3: i wanted Napoleon3: is a fair game Napoleon3: with skills needed Napoleon3: seems like riot never do that Napoleon3: and fair too Napoleon3: anyway hes broken Napoleon3: hes broken Napoleon3: dmg Napoleon3: spo Napoleon3: so im not good riven>? Napoleon3: not good? Napoleon3: still going to kil lyou? Napoleon3: noy skilled? Napoleon3: and they flame me for trollinmhg Napoleon3: where is the troll? Napoleon3: did you see any bad skills on me? Napoleon3: TELL ME? Napoleon3: tell me please Napoleon3: yes like i will kill him Napoleon3: hes 20 5 Napoleon3: bro:) Napoleon3: and you criticize me Napoleon3: and this yeasuo Napoleon3: he didnt laned vs aatrox Napoleon3: and afk Post-Game Napoleon3: yasuo Napoleon3: tell me please Napoleon3: did i have wrong? Napoleon3: tell me please Napoleon3: and champions Napoleon3: like thar Napoleon3: ruin every game Napoleon3: with no skills ndeeed Napoleon3: we dont care Napoleon3: bro Napoleon3: janna Napoleon3: did you telled him Napoleon3: something bad? Napoleon3: so tragic Napoleon3: all of those games Napoleon3: flamers Napoleon3: unfair games Napoleon3: so eghoist and pathetic game Napoleon3: you cant even enjoy Napoleon3: the game Napoleon3: yes Napoleon3: hes broken Napoleon3: and i cant play every game with ban Napoleon3: in pick Game 2 Pre-Game Napoleon3: top Napoleon3: hi Napoleon3: top first Napoleon3: gl hf In-Game Napoleon3: demacia noxus 1 0 Napoleon3: you remember only to ks Napoleon3: not to help Napoleon3: now i lose because of level Napoleon3: now im 1 lvl Napoleon3: behind Napoleon3: report lee Napoleon3: 0 ganks Napoleon3: thanks Napoleon3: he come only for ks Napoleon3: nothing else Napoleon3: report him plz Napoleon3: 4 times ganked top Napoleon3: lee 0 Napoleon3: how safe? Napoleon3: they will come all Napoleon3: after 2 minits Napoleon3: dive me Napoleon3: told you Napoleon3: again Napoleon3: how do you call this lee? Napoleon3: pro with feed Napoleon3: when he only ks kills? Napoleon3: tell me please Napoleon3: thats hapends when kidd plays league Napoleon3: at least when i playt jungle i gank lanes and not only come for ks Napoleon3: 1 time after 10 minits Napoleon3: for ks Napoleon3: i come every minit Napoleon3: how about you? Napoleon3: 1 time 16 min Napoleon3: same hapends to ranked Napoleon3: lol Napoleon3: and flame the feeder Napoleon3: so kaisa can kill garen Napoleon3: so much balance Napoleon3: surewndwer this Napoleon3: plz Napoleon3: yes range Napoleon3: dmg Napoleon3: blind kid Napoleon3: like kaisa isnt unfair Napoleon3: ultri so much barrier Napoleon3: dealing dmg with troll build Napoleon3: not even an adc Napoleon3: lee come again for ks Napoleon3: yes i cant even push 1 min Napoleon3: in 20 min' Napoleon3: guys do something Napoleon3: when they come to me Napoleon3: at least Napoleon3: report lee inting Napoleon3: guys Napoleon3: you die all time solo Napoleon3: you see inting? Napoleon3: lee? Napoleon3: nope Napoleon3: just got low itemd Napoleon3: because of camped Napoleon3: lane Napoleon3: ill take spirit Napoleon3: 20 times Napoleon3: xd Napoleon3: tryhard or you noob? Napoleon3: ? Napoleon3: xd Napoleon3: tryhard says noobswho lose Napoleon3: but they dont wanna see theyre lose Napoleon3: :) Napoleon3: kaisa deals ad Napoleon3: ahahahaa Napoleon3: death recap Napoleon3: 315 hits Napoleon3: 403 Napoleon3: pshyical Napoleon3: and 273 true Napoleon3: no magic Napoleon3: lel Napoleon3: just saying Napoleon3: death recap dmg Napoleon3: report lee inting Napoleon3: and cant comunicate with team Napoleon3: yes Napoleon3: enmjoy ban Post-Game Napoleon3: flaming for telling the truth/ Napoleon3: ? Napoleon3: learn to play jungle Napoleon3: first Napoleon3: and then talk Napoleon3: bro:0 Napoleon3: :) Napoleon3: sometimes i got nervus Napoleon3: not so much Napoleon3: but every game Napoleon3: is Napoleon3: wih those noobs Napoleon3: jungle sleep Napoleon3: and ksing Napoleon3: only Napoleon3: no Napoleon3: im telling the truth Napoleon3: enemys campoed me Napoleon3: and he nver comes top Napoleon3: :) Napoleon3: nive jungler Napoleon3: doing work well Napoleon3: 0 ganks Napoleon3: i warded Napoleon3: bro Napoleon3: i dont cry Napoleon3: lol Napoleon3: ahahahaah Game 3 Pre-Game Napoleon3: adc Napoleon3: suport Napoleon3: gl hf Napoleon3: wanna go adc? Napoleon3: swain Napoleon3: i mean you pcik adc Napoleon3: not mage Napoleon3: but ok In-Game Napoleon3: he outrade us Napoleon3: with 1 dorangs blade Napoleon3: so fair Napoleon3: %%%ing riot balance Napoleon3: %%% you reiot Napoleon3: riot Napoleon3: for real heas mastery deals nothing Napoleon3: q was all the dmg Napoleon3: 1 bf Napoleon3: sword Napoleon3: 1000 dmg in 5 sec Napoleon3: with not even atacking all the time Napoleon3: not unfair Napoleon3: at all Napoleon3: ? Napoleon3: other adcs deals 0dmg with vf Napoleon3: bf Napoleon3: he deals tons of dmgf Napoleon3: dmg Napoleon3: yes thats the problem Napoleon3: not that he uotrade Napoleon3: outrade us Napoleon3: 1vs2 Napoleon3: waiting for draven nerfs Napoleon3: killing me on the tower Napoleon3: %%%ing riot balance Napoleon3: %%% off Napoleon3: or maybe Napoleon3: draven outrade us Napoleon3: 1vs2 Napoleon3: %%%ing unfair Napoleon3: %%%%jer Napoleon3: %%%ing unfair Napoleon3: %%% off Napoleon3: and nerfs quinn Napoleon3: buff this shit Napoleon3: champion Napoleon3: %%% die riot Napoleon3: is just the unfair balance Napoleon3: Every game is like this Napoleon3: full of %%%%%%ed champions Napoleon3: who deletes you even on level 2 Napoleon3: like assasins dmg Napoleon3: other adcs with this draven 1rs item Napoleon3: 0 dmg Napoleon3: draven Napoleon3: tons of dmg Napoleon3: well %%% die in hell riot Napoleon3: and your %%%ing balance Napoleon3: ofc he winned you taloncounterplay dosnt exist any more Napoleon3: guess draven why hes the only who the most times can 1vs1 zed? Napoleon3: maybe the power is that Napoleon3: who makes him like that? Napoleon3: not first time Napoleon3: that i see Napoleon3: this game being Napoleon3: %%%ing full of %%%%%%ed champions Napoleon3: it is Napoleon3: and riot buff hes q Napoleon3: braindead Napoleon3: riot Napoleon3: ers Napoleon3: rioters Napoleon3: but ofc enemys dosnrt care Napoleon3: they got the overpowered champions Napoleon3: 1vs1 lb Napoleon3: 1vs1 zed Napoleon3: who Napoleon3: he can 1vs1 all the league Napoleon3: of champions Napoleon3: %%%ing Napoleon3: not retared? Napoleon3: yes yes Napoleon3: ahahahaa Napoleon3: i have play zed and when i got draven enemy Napoleon3: after s6 Napoleon3: he actually can 1vs1 me easy Napoleon3: the problem here is the triot balance Napoleon3: nothing else Napoleon3: i got armor Napoleon3: he 3 q me Napoleon3: if i dont Napoleon3: use abilities Napoleon3: with idiot items Napoleon3: even Napoleon3: yes Napoleon3: not unfair at all Napoleon3: imagine with out armor Napoleon3: you should be blind to noty see Napoleon3: how bad this game is Napoleon3: no i like the skins Napoleon3: the grapcihs Napoleon3: idiot Napoleon3: but i want to play a fair game Napoleon3: no Napoleon3: i want justice Napoleon3: 3 q Napoleon3: with Napoleon3: 48 armor Napoleon3: reduction Napoleon3: if i had no armor Napoleon3: deletes me Napoleon3: ahaahahahahahahhahahaaha Napoleon3: not fair Napoleon3: unfair Napoleon3: draven? Napoleon3: %%%ing seriously? Napoleon3: you blind kid? Napoleon3: he dives me Napoleon3: q deals Napoleon3: 1604 dmg Napoleon3: in 48 % Napoleon3: on 7.40 seconds Napoleon3: not sucks Napoleon3: you need to q crit Napoleon3: you teach nothing Napoleon3: you got 0 skil;s Napoleon3: your champions is busted Napoleon3: retared Napoleon3: %%%%%%ed Napoleon3: but people says you crazy Napoleon3: game is totally fine Napoleon3: yes i see Napoleon3: deals tons of dmg Napoleon3: still not nerfed Napoleon3: %%% you riot Napoleon3: i got armor Napoleon3: and he stills delete me Napoleon3: he delete me Napoleon3: With armor Napoleon3: and zed so skilled Napoleon3: wow Napoleon3: bro Napoleon3: you dont even need ulti Napoleon3: %%%ing riot balance Napoleon3: lessons? Napoleon3: you dont even need skils Napoleon3: you only q Napoleon3: and delete us Napoleon3: automaticly skill Napoleon3: you will give Napoleon3: bro Napoleon3: when you will lose Napoleon3: from champions like yours Napoleon3: and %%% you with out any skill Napoleon3: but you cant see the unfair balance Napoleon3: you got the champion who is unfair Napoleon3: eghoist kid Napoleon3: 1525 Napoleon3: ryze q Napoleon3: done Napoleon3: with tihs game Napoleon3: crying Napoleon3: or telling the truth idiot? Napoleon3: then you eghoist Napoleon3: kid Napoleon3: boosted Napoleon3: by riot Napoleon3: 1229 Napoleon3: with raduins Napoleon3: 4 q Napoleon3: 2026 dmg Napoleon3: in 3.01 sec Napoleon3: 56 % dmg reduction Napoleon3: so q should deal 2400 Napoleon3: 2600 Napoleon3: low iq? Napoleon3: maybre you should see Napoleon3: that draven q Napoleon3: got no skills ndeed Napoleon3: is hit Napoleon3: a Napoleon3: automatically Napoleon3: and deals tons of dmg Napoleon3: and got buffed Napoleon3: not nerfed Napoleon3: janna is suport Napoleon3: idiot Napoleon3: and got no dmg Napoleon3: the meta is guk Napoleon3: %%% id ont care Napoleon3: bro Napoleon3: the balance Napoleon3: is ungfair thats all Napoleon3: i will post this game Napoleon3: to league boards Napoleon3: about Napoleon3: how unfair this game is Napoleon3: how retarrded Napoleon3: it is first game with yasuo i losed vs a aatrox when i actually failed all hes qs and burst me with hits and conqueror and and they say report yasuo when i tell the truth and we already got afk and 2rd game a jungler just sleeps and never helps and only come to ks when enemys low 3 rd game a draven burst me as a janna even if i got armor and he got only 1 item same items with me seriously? wtf where is the balance you call this fair? or the vladimir he stills op even if he get nerfed and heals all the dmg you can be so shit stupid people that you cant see that this game is being even worst every game is like that with champions destroying every game and ruin the enjoyable gameplay that i loved like the old s4 and s5 league of legends with not this %%%ing unfair balance for unskilled players and they blame me? why you cant be serious and for one time understeand us ? we dont flame for no reason this game is being shit with champions who got no counterplay and you still talking too us that we are wrong? when champions with automatically skills are %%%ing you with no skills needed but ofcorse riot dosnt care how the game feels getting %%%%ed everygame because of balance even if i got skills i still lose with yasuo vs aatrox he burst me with out q i actually failed all hes qs dmg and didnt crit at all and im still losing or 2 last games with twitch i was 6 1 two times i sitll lose the first game was trhowed but the second a riven just deleted me with %%%ing yommus lethality sudent impact even with out ulti or skills neeed and combo tell me now that this game dosnt suck at all? and how the %%% you believe that the balance is good right now? and i dont give a shit about lcsplayers we can all play the same if we are with friends and i have see my brother when he was playing clash when it was released for first time in eune live servers and they actually played so good and win the game together all time and end it fast with out any mistakes when even pro players are trhowing games going solo rambo and you call the pro? they famous but that dosnt mean they good yeah maybe you call me noob but i dont care like this game need skills to win if you see my game with yasuo then you will understeand me how i fell escaping all aatrox qs and still dying or seeing champions like him take feed all the time and ruins the fun and the games every%%%ing time as always
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