I Gave Up On This Game...

So for the record, this is my fourth banned account that i have played this game with. i will be honest i deserved the first bans because i actually was toxic, but recently i got banned due to these guys who kept on trolling but then blame me and stuff for feed when all i do is play safe and SS but they do not listen. there was a game where i was playing vs an enemy poppy and him and I were having a go at each other (jokingly) with banter and like making fun of each other and stuff, even he treated me the same way i didn't report him, i ended the convo with like gg i enjoyed playing with u, etc. but noooooooooooo according to the system or some butthurt 10 year old, i was toxic and deserved ban. tbh I have reached the point where I dont even know what I can say without offending someone and getting reported just cuz they've had a bad day and the system cant distinguish reciprocated humor between two players vs actual flaming so like, i dont feel this game is worth playing anymore man, you might say unbind enter or something but this game is really boring without typing, just feels like im a bloody bot. I really feel the system needs some kind of changes because honestly im not the only one many people are getting banned over silly things and accusations or stupid misunderstandings that the system cant recognize, like some of us spend money on this account and like actually invest in it, if we cant play without fearing to say one word and getting banned why is it worth it??? Also there is the problem of like if youre in a lower elo, the more the flame is, and like its impossible (nearly) to climb if everyone in the game had the same attitude. I really wish that instead of a perma ban, (which will still lead people to make new accounts) there should be chat bans consistently, which would reduce the ban rate, and at the same time still make it possible for people to play, like come one i cant even joke around without losing my account. Can we petition to change the final penalty from perma ban to something like 50 game chat ban, or like 3 month chat ban something? like a chatban not affecting a person's account and allowing him to play, thus stoping the flame, but not losing accounts, etc. thanks{{champion:32}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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