Afker not getting punished and trolls in every single game

Alright so i generally dont enjoy league of legends anymore not because of the gameplay or anything. Its only because of the ban systems and the community. So i got off after 4 games in a row winning jungle all dragons impacted lanes. But somehow my bot fed even do we got double kills early for gold. later that game my mid Talon went afk after loosing to a riven flamed me for not ganking even do i did gank. Died 2 more times after that boom AFK we lost the game wasted 20 minutes. gets into next game bot 0-5 0-4 Both afk We lose the game 20 minutes. next game Top loses early game to a %%%%ing kayle Goes afk. Do you know how many of these players that got a slight punishment just a small one maybe a chatrestrict for flaming and going afk None. I got a chatrestrict for literally telling them to please play passive and not Turret dive a 5-0 kaisa and a Leona im %%%%ing tired of this shit. started playing csgo felt instantly how much better the csgo community is this is corrupted Riot are corrupted and this community is corrupted.
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