14 day suspension

Game 1 In-Game CantAnnihilator: BEWARE GUYS CantAnnihilator: DIAMOND 5 IS THE EQUIVALENT OF SILVER 3 CantAnnihilator: as in CantAnnihilator: you are silver 3 CantAnnihilator: not the people you play with in ranked CantAnnihilator: im chal;langer CantAnnihilator: im gosu CantAnnihilator: kindred went red then krugs CantAnnihilator: %%%% off CantAnnihilator: are you serious CantAnnihilator: look at this bronze 1 kindred CantAnnihilator: farms all game CantAnnihilator: and still manages to feed CantAnnihilator: how do you feed CantAnnihilator: how do you int CantAnnihilator: if you do gank lanes? CantAnnihilator: 2/7 bot lane CantAnnihilator: we got this CantAnnihilator: lol CantAnnihilator: this ekko CantAnnihilator: so shit CantAnnihilator: didnt use ult CantAnnihilator: what a geee CantAnnihilator: varus CantAnnihilator: 2v1 CantAnnihilator: lmfao CantAnnihilator: omfg CantAnnihilator: this bronze kindred CantAnnihilator: feed again CantAnnihilator: yet still CantAnnihilator: 0 ganks CantAnnihilator: how? CantAnnihilator: how can you feed if you dont go into a lane? CantAnnihilator: omfg CantAnnihilator: she is 0/3 CantAnnihilator: how CantAnnihilator: HOW CantAnnihilator: YOU HAVENT GANKED A SINGLE LANE CantAnnihilator: HOW DO YOU KEEP DYING CantAnnihilator: EXPLAIN CantAnnihilator: get out of here with that bronze dead ass scuttle CantAnnihilator: MISSED THAT ULT CantAnnihilator: LEL CantAnnihilator: WOW CantAnnihilator: ULT VARUS CantAnnihilator: FOR ONCE CantAnnihilator: PLEASE CantAnnihilator: ULT CantAnnihilator: %%%%K CantAnnihilator: ULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT CantAnnihilator: LMFAO Post-Game CantAnnihilator: SUCH A MEGA TRYHARD CantAnnihilator: LMFAO CantAnnihilator: TRYHARD X10 This was the chat from the suspension. (Me Varus and Ekko are premades). First penalty i have recieved. And only for this one game, This kindred boasted about being diamond 2 smurf, I never used any profanity towards this player, just my premades. Is a 14 day suspension correct for this? Isnt a chat restriction better?

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