Once again, punished because someone else in the team is running it down mid

Well, here we go again. After reaching threshold 3 out of 3 since who knows how long, I have one of these interesting games where my jungler runs under enemy turret, without any minion of the wave (that was being frozen) and quite literally dies to three tower shots and a gangplank pistol hit. At my explaining why he shouldn't have ganked, and that I was just freezing the GP out of exp and CS, what Kayn does is replace all of his items with movement speed and begins running it down into enemy turrets as well as harassing his own teammates by stealing farm and smiting cannon minions. Everyone on the team, EVERYONE agrees his behaviour was despicable and deserved a mass report - every time in which I /and others/ on my team called it out, even received a positive answer from the enemy team in all chat, saying that they would join in reporting him. And in the end, I am chat restricted - yet again, losing any present and future chance as it is for several months already, at any sort of rewards for playing ranked, because Riot caters to individuals such as this troll, and how awfully EFFECTIVE it is to goad a reasonable, sensible player into getting understandeably frustrated and hijacking their account into reward restriction. TLDR: Trolling, it actually works to ruin someone's experience. And my experience playing this game has NEVER been this miserable. Game should be avaiable if one looks into it, Summoner name is Scarlesh on EUW.

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