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Hello, In the link above you can see my last 15 games. 11loss/4wins. It doesn't seem fair to me that all my struggle in one month should be ruined in one day. If I were a feeder/troller I would've lost everytime, but since one month ago til yesterday I was winning 3/4 games. I was very proud of my games and it all went to hell in one day. So what happened? After watching hundreds of streamings, builds (I even have a notepad where I write my top priority ranked champs and those I wanna learn to play with) I finally began to climb. And I did it really well. In one month from b4 to s2. And it all got ruined in one day. I was in promos for silver 1 yesterday. Now I am s3 31 points. I didn't feed in one single game, I didn't rage, I didn't go afk, but guess what? This is all my teammates where doing in the last 15 games!!! 15 GAMES that brought me to silver 3. Almost silver 4 if I continue to lose. Please check my game history. Check my scores and see that I only tried to do my best to win. With mistakes and good parts, but i was NEVER the one who destroyed the game. More than that, an interesting fact was that 10 out of 15 games I was placed last pick! Hello RIOT, is this random or not???? How can I be placed last pick for 80% of my last 20 games? It's not fair!!! So where is my fault? Why am I not placed with normal people? I got trolled so many times in queue yesterday and I do not understand why. I played support when no one wanted to, still one picks Katarina instead of adc. I played with guys who went 0 20 intentionally and then quit. I am not that good. I can't win the game when after 15 minutes the enemy top laner is 10 0. I am tired of all the advice about what to do to climb, what to do to be good at this game since it doesn't matter when you are forced to play with idiots like these. How much bad luck can have a single person in one day????? No game had enemy afk, still in my team there was someone afk 1/3 matches. I would kill those guys who go afk or throw the game after they die once. I am feeling so depressed after this sad experience so I made a statement to myself: if trying how much as I can to rank up at this game gives 0 results (more than 800 ranked this season and I am not even gold) there is no reason for me to play ranked anymore. So from this day I quit playing ranked. Maybe I'm not good at it. I am too tired and I know I won't be missed. It's just too much for me. I just wana enjoy the game and have fun, so I will just play normal games. Trolls and feeders have won. They can play ranked. I won't from this day. Late edit: But more depressing that losing all those games is my team mates attitude: not a single game when they didn't rage at me for no reason. Everytime they went suiciding and I didn't go with them they said it's my fault for losing the game. Every time they did a mistake they were blaming me when I was the only one warding the map. As a midlaner I bought wards, as adc i bought wards, as jungler i bought sightstone. They didnt care. No one placed wards but they keep swearing at me for losing. I rest my case.
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