I want to buy that new Ekko skin, but no thanks to the added tilt/saltiness

Am I the only one who has stopped buying skins because he is fed up with people judging your skills based on skins? "Sell skin" has gotten to the point where even if I like a skin, I choose to not buy it because the sell skin sentence tilts me so much that I don't wanna go through that. It could be the first death of your game, "sell skin". You die once to a fed top while ganking, and the 1/7 top laner who fed tells you to sell skin. I just don't have the mental fortitude. I blame Riot for this. Selling skins is their business, yet they allow this stupid stigma of skin=skill to continue for years without any form of clarification to the dumb players or punishment. I heard that they punish players for saying "ez" at the end of games, but they allow a practice that directly prevents Riot from earning money. Is it just me?
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