Recyled skins as rewards.

Firstly id like to say that in no way am i against the new honour system. Apart from maybe the need of at least tier 2 honor to get end of season rewards which i think is a bit over the top and unnecessary as the quiet people that just like to mute all and listen to music while playing get slightly affected for no reason but anyways. My main concern is that Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick are possible rewards in the honor system too. No, its great that there are exclusive skins available from honor except.... Well they are not really exclusive are they? They have been used as rewards in the Refer A Friend system prior to its dissapearance. Not only does it mean that those who got rewarded previously are now no longer going to have the chance at some new exclusive skin because they already got that as a different reward but it also makes the honor rewards less exclusive too. I mean, can't two new skins be brought out in honor of the new system (e.g Soul Stealer Vayne, Hex-Tech Annie etc. for the Loot Box release) instead of just recycling the old rewards which are no longer going to be special really... Personally i think it would benefit both players and rioters alike as those which already have those skins will not feel left out from the quest of the new exclusive skins, making it less likely that they are interested in recieving honor once they have enough to get season rewards.
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