provisional games..

So i start to play a game , as i play alone i tell my team that i am into provisional games... , and that they must just stand to don't fight that much enemy so i can take advantage and carry the game... , my top lane goes afk ... , and doesn't reconnect in 30-40 minuts ... , not adding the fact he had stupid gameplay in his match history ,honestly i wish it could be just a coincindence , but who the hell play ranked and start play ranked just to be afk 30 minuts and never reconnect , we almost won the game 4 vs 5.. , it just feels not okey this kind of behaviour , i doubt it was an issue ... , because even me when i had internet problems in 2-3 minuts i was reconnecting ... , so i don't know any other reason to explain this guy behaviour , let's say throught absurd he had idk ... electrical power issues , but is not likely to be so... , and this guy haven't sayd anything before he quit in min 1 or 2 ... , we coulded remake , but we chose to play as enemy bot lane was playing extremly stupid , loss the game because we had to play against silver 2 players.. ,which are likely platinum.. , so sweet ...
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