Riot are we cool now? How does that work?

So quite a while ago, probably half a year or so, I got a 14-day ban after running it down mid as the adolescent emotional wreck of a teenager I was, who forgot to care for other people for 20 minutes and was so mad at the world they thought the world hated them, the usual. I can still be a little toxic at times, although I try not to be and try to remind myself to /mute all if my mind is finding the social situation too difficult (I'm not very good people), and I don't want to be toxic, because learning to ignore emotions in the moment and take control of the situation is something that people learn as they mature and an important skill. Anyway, it appears that if I am to be punished again then I lose my account. I was just curious if there is any reset sort of system, or if you could make one, because I'm scared that I might have come across as toxic a lot of the time, and when I ping for help and explain how I needed help and to come next time, my team usually calls be toxic and blames the entire game on me, that sort of thing. Anyway having to live in the fear of messing up due to emotions that are really hard to control is really stressful, and I understand its a part of life, but if you guys could make chat restrictions more regular or something like that instead of straight into a permanent ban then I'd really appreciate it because I don't know if I can count on my future self to be so level headed with my parents recently seeing my gaming as an addiction even though I've proved multiple times I can take a month break and they don't understand how its a major stress relief from social anxiety and the real world which I constantly feel the need to escape. I know I'm sounding like I want to be able to get away scot-free with murder here but that isn't the case at all, I truly think that punishment should be there and there should definitely be consequences, I would just like there to be a reset sort of thing where over a long period of time of being nice, you can go into Riot's good books again since you've shown you want to improve, a bit like doing your jail time, and for also there to be more chat restrictions because it stops people from being toxic since they can't be unless they waste their words on what's needed for can I have blue and lets group bot sort of messages. I could make this into organised paragraphs but, wait hey isn't there two paragraphs now? Well would you look at that, guess you do have organised paragraphs. PS. I think you should make a new ping system with GG, GLHF, WP, unlucky. These four are on a wheel and before the game starts you can chose if you only want to talk with the wheel. This way you can't change it in game like you can with muting people and will prevent you from upsetting someone else which you may feel like you might by accident since you are going into the game a little tilted. The GG and GLHF will be all chat commands and the WP and unlucky will be local chat, so it doesn't come across as BM. I know its pretty much emotes, but its in the chat so that way everyone can see it and I think that a system like this will drastically improve player behaviour as those who know themselves to be sometimes toxic can take responsibility by disabling most of their chat before the game. PPS. I really like the emoji things on these boards and never get to use them all and they make an article way more colourful and interesting so I'm gonna put one here. {{sticker:sg-poppy}} nom nom nom
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