Questions about the punishment system and reform system

Hey guys. I have a few questions and I thought I'd start here instead of asking directly via support ticket. I'm wondering how the punishment system works. I thought I could make it the most clear by painting up a scenario: Lets say a player levels his account to lvl 30, starts playing regurarly and is an all around friendly player. Their honor level is above lvl 2 and that account has not been punished before. Then this player starts behaving worse and he gets hit with a chat restriction for 10 games, his honor level drops to lvl 1 and after a few weeks he gets his next chat restriciton. Then after a few more weeks he gets a 14 day ban. His honor level is now at 0 and now this player starts behaving perfectly without any toxicity. This trend continues for 3 years, now in the year 2022 this player has not had a single infraction on his account since 3 years back and his honor level is now maxed. Now for the question: If that player starts being toxic again and lets say flames a game where he triggers the punishment system, would this player get permabanned because his account already got a 14 day ban 3 years ago? That's my question. If anyone knows how that works then please let me know and if you got any evidence or statements from riot themselves on this exact question then please share that here aswell! Thanks!
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