Debunking Shaclone claiming he is getting banned for no reason

Shoutout to PlayersHUB for deleting my comments on their channel also LOL isn't that insane? What a fuсking hypocrite, I swear almost all League-related figures with any sort of fame are some of the most twofaced manipulative people you can find on the planet, holy smokes what a shіtshow of a community Made me remember why I left this cancerous game years ago in the first place lmao what a joke, never getting involved in this shіt again in my life - I'll just let League scumbags lie to other League scumbags in peace from now on I guess, gl in the future Shaclone hope this trash burns to the ground alongside everyone who participates in it feel free to lie to your fans more if you want I sure won't be here to prove such a thing wrong anymore just for someone else who is equally toxic and manipulative to benefit Signed """the guy""" XDDDD
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