TylerT1 and the Singed support ban...how certain members of the Community defend toxicity.

Dozens of threads about that guy in brazil who just got his 14day ban for playing SInged support. And a couple months ago dozens upon dozens of threads defending TylerT1. What is it with people who defend this nonsense? In both cases, we have a common theme: Toxic behaviour which is clearly ban-worthy by the **rules every single one of us accepted when first starting this game**, leading to a ban issued by riot...and subsequent defense of said actions by some vocal minority on the boards. --- **TylerT1 you defended because hes a Youtube-fame-something.** Let me make something very clear to you guys: Being known doesn't lift you above rules. They apply to everyone, that's what makes them work. If you like people being toxic online, that's your business...but most of us don't. And by "most", I mean 99%. Your opinion, your personal preferences, are worth nothing, if they go against the needs and wants of a majority. So if someone is consitently toxic towards those around him, with no intention to change, he will get kicked out eventually, no matter how many thousands of socially incompetent fanboys he has. --- **This Guy you defend because you feel entitled to do what you want.** No, you are not, not without limits. A cornerstone of modern, tolerant society, is the fact that tolerance ends where it has to tolerate intolerance. If you enjoy yourself, thats fine. If you enjoy yourself at another persons expense, that's not. THis guy abused the support-role queue to get faster queue times. He refused to play according to the role assigned: Running around in the enemy jungle as singed forcing your ADC to play solo is not playing the support role. --- _"But aren't we supposed to try new things???"_ Totally. But if your "new things" are not successful, and a majority of people don't WANT to play around them for a miniscule chance to make them work, then you stop. You can try new things, noone gets banned for playing singed supp for 10 games, probably not even for 40 games. But if you play something that forces your entire team to adapt, and doesn't work, then you are the one being toxic. You are a troll, simple as that. And the singed smite-supp DID NOT WORK. _"But he has 2 Million mastery!!!!!"_ is probably the dumbest argument I have ever read in my life. What do mastery points have to do with skill? They are acquired by playing, you don't have to play SUCCESSFULLY. --- In summary: I am amazed how a small but vocal part of the community seems to jump on every "Defend-the-Toxic" bandwagon that comes along. My guess is, that the people doing that, are mostly toxic themselves, and try to find figureheads that somehow "justify" their own toxicity. And if that is the case guys...well, then its really pathetic. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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