If I dodge toxic teammates should I recieve a penalty?

When I write it out like that it does sound stupid, but hear me out here. I've been trying out Zoe support since she came out, and quite a few times, because she doesn't play like a traditional support, my own adc or someone on my team will just ban her, without even asking me to play something else. Now if they'd simply asked me to play something different I'd probably consider it, but because they just instantly ban them I suddenly feel tilted before the game even starts. I don't want to play with an ADC if I know they're a bit of a %%%%, and in times when I have played on, the game just isn't fun. Now I'm not saying you should be able to dodge without time penalty just because you feel like it, but at least when someone on your team (Obv not if you're premade to prevent it being exploitable) bans your champ it should be fair to duck out. Now whether Zoe support is good or not is a different discussion, but at least it isn't ranked and she isn't just a complete troll pick (I've also had this happen with other more normal supports too, Zoe's just the example that's been happening a lot recently). Am I alone in feeling this? What do you guys think?
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