Trying very hard, but losing joy in this game with each day going by

So, as you know me probably from earlier (or you don't, not entirely sure), I have made a post earlier regarding me trying to be friendly, since riot says you win more games that way. Now, every game I am friendly, I try to say as minimum, I perform very decent (take kills, try to give kills to others, try to take pretty much no minions whatsoever so they can snowball etc.), but I always end up having a very bad botlane who goes on to feed and insult me for it somehow, an afk or feeding midlane and of course, the toplaner not performing well. I am not saying it's every game all the 3 lanes who are feeding, but often 2 out of 3 are either feeding (or one lane DC all the time, comes back and feeds a couple of kills and DC again). I try to communicate and tell my team where their jungler could be (often I am correct, but hey, I too have low health you know?) and I try to keep track of the laners (such as, possible roams or when a laner forgets to ping missing I ping missing and ping the laners for some attention regarding this subject). Now, I have been keeping track of my win/loss ratio and whether it's true if you win or lose more games. The only games I have won were either where I was blessed to have a decent (not even good) team or was when I would queue up with a person whom I knew wouldn't feed instantly. I have been toxic in the past on other accounts (yeah you can start being pre-judgemental now), but decided to actually try to be positive, I mean, why would I want to lose on purpose, if riot says you win 33% more games when you are positive? So, a quick background update regarding this, without wasting everyone their time with a structured model, here is a short overview of how it looks like: - I had an acount (before I started turning 'toxic') in which I would always provide everyone their prefered role and I often ended up support. This basically got me to bronze 3 or 4, so positivety didn't do it for me on that one. I started to get 'toxic' as you guys would describe it and just take my lane or role and actually started progressing (was pretty much gold), but then got banned for 'toxic' behaviour. - My second account I straight up decided to be toxic and play like someone had a gun loaded on my brain, I would often carry, but did not have any joy in this game and would always end up with an headache (yes, that's how far this game had dragged me down) - Third account, same as the second one but even better, I hit gold 1, only to be banned again for 'toxic behaviour'. - Fourth account I tried being positive, but here too again, I ended up only losing and turned out toxic. The toxicity this time didn't help me or my team and I kept on going down and eventually got banned. - This account, I am positive on, do not flame, and if someone really gets on my nerves I just disable chat (I enabled chat so I could communicate and try to be positive). Only to notice I am not winning much, even though I communicate (everyone ignores me or tells me to 'shut the f* up'), so often I end up not having control on baron or dragon. I have been on a losing streak now and I only won 2 games yesterday I believe, in which my team was pretty oke. Some missplays, but that happens, right? No big deal. Straight after that I start losing and losing and losing and even when I start off well, the enemy team is so strong they end up dragging me down in a state of feeding aswell. So when I noticed a friend of mine online, I asked him to queue up and we did pretty well. What was noticeable however: When we got out of laning phase, everyone was negative besides me and my premade. We basically carried the game till late-game where our ADC could aquire enough items and got a pentakill. Today I decided to play another game, to see whether my luck would be more this time... and again, midlane afk for the first 4 minutes (somehow couldn't remake because he was connected, but DC at the same time?) and my botlane who was ignoring every ping, every form of communication and was just straight up feeding (they took a couple of kills when we ganked etc. but that was it). The only good player on the team was my toplaner. So I have hit rock bottom now and I am wondering, since I have lost every bit of pleasure in this game (since talking competitive crap is obviously a no-go in this game and having a decent team seems to be non-existent): How can I either come out of this slump of a losing streak and how can I actually enjoy this game a bit more? Or should I just accept that no matter how hard I try and no matter how hard I try to be a teamplayer, people in this game want to be carried and no one gives a shit? Should I also just turn into a person that enjoys being carried? And if the carry failed to carry, big deal right? Going 1/4/1 obviously isn't a big deal and why should I bother improving?
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