Trolling is NOT punishable (Here is why)

Hello Bois and Grils, I have found out many times that trolling or griefing a game is not punishable, because the Penalty Bot (no idea whats the name of the software that detects bad behaviour) can not detect if a person is actually trolling. I give you 2 examples: 1.)One game I had a Leona in my team who gave first blood in botlane. Nothing bad so far, but he got angry and decided to leave me (the adc) alone in lane and roam other lanes, insulting me, flaming me every minute. By his behaviour we lost the game, since Leona soaked exp Mid and Top, left the adc to get outfarmed and killed 2v1 and lost us multiple drakes since our Jungler had to help me extra hard botlane, leading to him losing farm and Jungle Control. 2.)Our Toplane yorick died 3 times (gave first blood, teleported and got killed again, came back to lane and died again instantly) leading to im raging and going afk, but not actually leaving the game, just going from inhib to inhib, flaming the jungler for not helping and spamming to give free win for the enemy, because we dont deserve to win. I can give more examples, but my point is: Behaviour that is toxic or inappropriate, even without saying a word should not be tolerated. Only because you are a having a bad day, there is no need to let out your hate or frustration on people that you dont even know and just want to have a normal game. The System can not detect detect people that refuse to play. It can only detect people that: Insult others in Chat (Verbal Abbuse), Say Racist or Sexist Slurs (Hatespeech), Use third party software (hacking) or leave the game (AFK), because it has valid PROOF that it actually is true. It can´t detect a player that is still "playing" the game even tho he doesnt do anything. No mean comments in the chat box? No signs of being AFK? No Third party software detected? Well...He must be playing the game normally... I know my words crash into Riot like a puppy crashing into a glas door, but the penalty system really needs to be improved. You can´t ban people that say "noob" in Chat for 2 Weeks, but then tolerate behaviour like this. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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